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A 2014 Project to Revive India's Historical 'Spice Route' Remains a Non-starter

India and China have been playing leading roles in establishing new maritime connectivity from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia to Southeast Asia. India launched Project Mausam with a view to counterbalance China’s increasing influence in the Indian Ocean region, particularly in the context of the “Maritime Silk Road” (MSR), which Beijing has been seriously pursuing for some time.

A Multitude of ‘Risks’

Kerala has witnessed bitter inter-party violence between Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh–Bharatiya Janata Party workers and Communist Party of India (Marxist) cadre over the last decade, resulting in over 60 deaths. This intensifying violence needs to be viewed in the context of the rise of the RSS, its political inroads into the Thiyya community in the state, and structural changes in the composition of and employmentamong Kerala’s lower-middle class.

Travancore Titanium

A multi-crore effluent treatment plant being set up at Travancore Titanium, one of the most successful public sector undertakings in Kerala, may well push the company into the red. Workers are demanding a more cost-effective project, while the local population appears to be unconcerned with the financial impact of such a plant on the company.

Left Front Victory in Kerala

Political conditions under the Congress-led United Democratic Front in Kerala provided considerable opportunities for both the Left Democratic Front and the National Democratic Alliance to muster people's support on a number of issues ranging from rampant corruption to social conditions of women and marginalised communities. While the LDF effectively reaped the windfall of several graft cases in which many ministers as well as the personal staff of the chief minister's office were directly or indirectly involved, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA has steadily succeeded in making inroads into the support base of both the fronts, as well as among new voters, though the party won just one seat.

UGC's Disincentives for PhD

The UGC has re-introduced its absurd requirement that PhD degree holders must clear the postgraduate level NET to be eligible for lecturerships. This devalues the PhD degree and discourages serious research.

Mohammed Eeza (1929-99)

From Liberation to Eternity

Though a religious head, the political space Bishop Paulose Mar Paulose occupied in Kerala during the last quarter of a century or more bore witness to his radical social interventions, critical questioning of authority, including of the state, and undaunted political struggles.

KERALA-Destruction of Unique Ecosystem of Kochi Backwaters

Destruction of Unique Ecosystem of Kochi Backwaters THE Goshree Island Development Project (GID), which has apparently got the green signal from the union ministry of environment and forests (MEF), has been in the news for the last few months. Details of the entire scheme of mega development project have long been shrouded in secrecy. It was only when some environmentalists and a section of the press rang the tocsin that the details began to pour in.


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